Monday, November 8, 2010

....In which I recieve a new cape and bonnet.....

After the excitement of my arrival, Cousin Ida suggested that the Hitty's all have a little lie down and rest. I confess that a
nap and some quiet sounded rather lovely to me also. Cousin Ida awakened me a bit later with a hot cup of tea and a sweet tartlet. I was so refreshed that I felt able to handle the rest of the day. These girls are so enthusiastic!!

I mentioned earlier that there was a good deal of concern regarding my lack of proper outerwear. Cousin Ida measured me and then their person got to work. She is very indulgent towards these girls, I suspect they might be a tad spoiled.

A little later they all gathered round while Cousin Ida made the last adjustments. I do feel rather fetching in thise new cap and bonnet.
Hitty Noel selected the color to complement my complexcion and I believe she has been quite successful. This cape is quite snug. I feel certain that I shall be able to survive in a blizzard!! I feel a bit guilty because all of a sudden the weather has turned warm!! The girls assure me that I will need it later in the year and they are just relieved that I have it in my box for the future.

Tomorrow we are off to the woods! I am quite excited about this as I have been informed that we will be on a rescue mission! We will be looking for orphan tots. I am not at all sure what a tot is but I expect to find out on the morrow. I must close now and go have a bite of dinner with my hosts.

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  1. Such a beautiful cape and looks wonderfully warm! Sounds very intriguing to go on a 'tot' hunt in the woods. Hm`m`m`mm, wonder if that will include a little nut or two? hugs...d'