Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hitty Molly and The Rock Bottom Party

Hello my Hitty friends,
I have been busier than I think I ever have these past few days. When Tina couldn't get around to making travel plans she asked if a party that had never been had here woudl suffice.. I of course was all into it as I have never had a Halloween party. We sat and talked amongst us Hitty's and Bittys and of course Tina. We planned the party, the costumes and the food to be served.
After all that we got down to business. I helped go thru fabric and see what we could use to make each costume. She allowed us to chose which costume we would like to wear. I chose the Candy Corn, as it is my favorite candy, as of now anyway. Hitty Ernestina, chose to be a Clown with a red nose. Hitty Molly (love that we have the same name) chose to be a Gaint Pumpkin. Hitty Mary chose to be a Witch. The Bitty's, JimBob and Stella chose a Mouse and Little Red Ridinghood. Stella is really upset though, she has misplaced her basket of goodies she was to carry to Granny. We keep telling her, she will find it, but she is still sad faced.
We helped to prepare the food also. We chose the menu. I of course asked for Candy Corn, Mary wanted candy apples,Ernestina chose M&M's, Molly (the other Molly) chose the spider cupcakes,JimBob wanted the cake decorated with a pumpkin face, and Stella well she wanted some of everything, but finally decided on the peanutbutter cookies with orange filling.
After we had all the menu, the costumes, it was time to make decorations and decide what games we would play.
We drew and cut out, bats, ghosts, pumpkins and the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. And we also pulled out the fishing game, checkers, and had a grand time playing hide and go seek.
I know alot of people would think this would be a very boring trip but all in all, I have been pleasantly surprised at just how much love this family of Hitty's has.. I have heard it said, "All Hitty families are full of love." What a grand thought.
I will be busy again this weekend with the human size celebrating with the family and then next week I will be getting my travel arranged to go on to the next family. I will be sure to let you all know when I am leaving on the Postal Bus.
I do hope you all have enjoyed seeing the photos, and that you each of a very fun unscary Halloween.
Hitty Hugs to you all, Hitty Molly Marie

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