Monday, October 18, 2010

Hitty Molly Arrives in North Carolina

Hitty Molly Marie arrived today on the Postal Bus. As soon as they heard the postman toot the horn to annouce she was here, they were all scampering around screaming, She's here! She's here!

> Of course they all were wringing their little wooden mitten hands while I carefully opened the package. And as soon as the top was open they all ran to meet her. Well, it was more like 3 of them. Some were busy still cleaning the house to make sure it was presentable.

> Ernestina made the introductions, and welcomed her here to visit and slipped a sweet quietly spoken, and I hope you find this to be your forever home, but if not, we will always consider you a family member.
> I tried to explain to them all before her arrival that she is traveling around the country to find her forever home. She is meeting Hitty's and people from all over the U.S.
> My girls said, She would be welcome to stay here, if she so choses. With that behind us, I am thinking my Hitty's will be slipping her all kinds of ideas of how she would love living with them.
> And of course they all had to ask what it was like to meet a mayor and mortician to boot.She told them all about how nice he was and he was even nice enough to proclaim the 13th of October as Hitty Molly Marie Mahogany Day. Such a wonderful thing. And it didn't go to her head, as she is such a sweet Hitty.
> Well, we are off to make our plans and see what we can do to entertain her while she visits us. We will send photos later on this afternoon.
> Hugs from the Rock Bottom Hittty's and Tina
> P.S. Molly Marie asked that we tell you after she rest some, she will be sending a post on her travels.

Oct. 23, 2010

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to take a quick rest and send a note letting you all know I haven't forgotten any of you, I have been busy, busy... I helped make cotumes for everyone. I can't wait to show you the photos, but of course that will have to wait until we have the halloween, fall harvest party. We are going to be working on making cakes and treats the first of the week. This Rock Bottom crowd sure has kept me busy.
We helped a little with moving Tina's craft room. She had moved to the room her son had, and he is moving back and she had to evacuate the room asap. We mostly cheered her on.. And watched for anything that may be of help in making our party a success.
I am going to travel tomorrow to meet Tommy's parents. His moma loves Hitty. It will be a nice trip I am told. All the other Hitty's here love to visit them.
We are hoping for a few minutes to go and see a lake here that has a walking trail. We shall see. If not tomorrow, we will be going soon.
Well, I need to prepare for bed. I will be sure to remind Tina to take the camera,so you all can see what goes on in this small town.
Hitty Hugs, Molly Marie


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