Friday, October 8, 2010

Mary Ann's last post for Molly Marie

October 8, 2010---

Dear Diary,

I have been kept very busy this past week. Aside from the daily life of chores, baking, sewing, and various other duties, we have had opportunities to visit local attractions.

Wakarusa is a nearby town that boast some unusual events and stores. Each March the town square hosts the Maple Syrup Festival. (Maple-sugaring is prolific in the area and is a sure sign of spring being around the corner.) Not only do vendors come and sell wares, but schoolchildren can take tours of local syrup shacks. At Christmas, they place a huge tree in the middle of the town’s intersection.

Of course you know what stands there now----a huge pumpkin “tree”---I was so excited by this oddity that I insisted on a picture. The Chalet ladies chuckled as they explained that everyone who visits reacts the same way. The tree stands about 20 feet tall.

Only a few stones-throw away is a quaint little quilting fabric shop named Jeanette’s Quilts and Fabrics. The ladies who work there are very fond of Deedee and the dolls she brings in. They were quite pleased to make my acquaintance.

Often Deedee will bring a doll and carefully search through the fat quarters and eighths bins. The ladies nod in approval of Deedee’s choice of fabrics. Some of the pieces are stored in the lovely dresser. The Chalet ladies and I had to check out the variety of fabrics.

After checking out the high line of sewing machines we headed for the other BIG attraction in town. The Dime Store is an old-fashioned candy store. Wakarusa is home of the giant, jumbo jellybean. Picture if you will a jellybean 1 ½ “ long. The gals wanted me to check out the flavors.

I also wanted to check out the other old-fashioned candies.

We then waited to get a Coke but found that they didn’t sell them in Hitty size

We did find a rather unusual kitchen in this candy store----all these delicious cookies are really doggie cookies! (Major, this is for you.) They really do look good enough to eat.

It is a nice display…enough to make any man or dog drool!

The final delight we found in the candy store was a colorful array of Sixlets, in “pour your own amounts.” Isabella and I aided Deedee as she decided on which to pour. We tried to convince her of the pinks, but she is definitely a blues girl!

I leave the Chalet with new friends and wonderful memories. This evening the ladies will walk me across the lawn to Plumfield Bed and Breakfast. I have caught whispers that some fun awaits me tonight and next week!

Putting my pen away in order to pack my things….

Singing and signing off…

Molly Marie Mahogany

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