Friday, October 1, 2010

Hitty Molly Marie in Nappanee

Sept. 30, 2010---

Dear Diary,

How happy I was to finally arrive in the little hamlet of Nappanee, Indiana.

What a far distance from Flintstone. I was eager to get out and stretch my stiff wooden legs. Dr. Isabella and I looked through my luggage to make sure all was safe.

Mary Ann is my person host. DeeDee was first on the list but begged off due to the Hittys at Azure Estates being all atwitter, feeling not ready to receive me in the royal manner they had anticipated. Never mind. I am in the curious position of being able to see A.E. from my window. The Chalet, where I am staying, is on the other end of Azure Estates property!

Dr. Isabella brought me from the mail station to the Chalet. Imagine my surprise to see families traveling by horse and buggy! Isabella explained the community and the necessity to “watch where you are stepping” whenever you are uptown. Uptown consists of the town square, which isn’t a square at all but rather an intersection. A state highway intersects with a national highway…many small-town businesses vie for space at the intersection.

We pulled in to the Estates in a manner of minutes. One perk of small-town living is that everything is so handy. Once home, Isabella took me to the kitchen for a slice of pie and lemonade.

We had nice small talk about my journey and if there were any places I specifically wanted to see.

The Chalet is a boarding home for many fine Hittys. Isabella is the town doctor and often doubles as the town vet. Azure Estates (including the Chalet) boasts about 30 residents. Farming, weaving, spinning, furniture making, sewing, and cooking are the services rendered here.

The town and atmosphere are so different from Flintstone. We ended up going to a local flea market/antique mall. We met many fine small characters there.

One man, a lonely “Lefton” fisherman, was discouraged about his lack of catch. We were happy to give him a pep talk.

We then ran into two Dalmation pups. They were so cute but rambunctious! We feared they would wreak havoc in the store.

We also found a lovely cast iron whale to admire.

Finally, we met a lovely maiden on her way to deliver gifts from a sleigh…she asked directions and of course Isabella knew which way she needed to go. By her clothing I deduced that she wasn’t from these parts…

The weather has been chilly. How toasty I am this evening, sitting on my bed, after having written in my journal of the day’s events.

Singing and signing off,

Molly Marie


  1. Hitty Molly looks like she is enjoying her visit, hugs, linda

  2. Toooo fun! Love the pretty apron, Linda, and the great bedroom, DeeDee and Maryann. d'