Saturday, June 5, 2010

Awaiting Mehitabel in Oklahoma and Her Travels

Ssssshhhh! Mehitabel is resting right now after her long journey. We all met her at the mailbox. We were all so excited that she was finally here for her visit. She was so hot and tired. We brought her quickly inside where it was cool. We got her a tall glass of sweet tea with lemon, a traditional southern drink. It wasn't long before her eyes began to get heavy. The heat and long journey had gotten to her. As soon as she recovers from her travel, we will show her around. Until then, we will watch her sleep.


Wanda and the Wildhare Hittys
I have arrived in Oklahoma. The Wildhare Hittys met me at the mailbox. They were so excited to see me. I was excited to be out of the box. But oh the sun was so warm here in Oklahoma. There was so much red on the thermometer. We decided to go inside to talk.

Once inside their large house, I realized there was something familiar about one of them. Her name is Melinda, but she resembles me. We discovered that we have the same MTV birthmark on our backsides. We are related! So far on my journey, I have found a picture from my Artist Mom and a relative! I began to yawn and could barely keep my eyes open so the group let me catch a quick nap.

When I awoke, I went to search for the others and found a wonderful room full of girly smelling things. One was a wonderful lavender smelling thing called bubble bath. Now I know wooden dolls shouldn't get wet, but I am a Hitty and we all know Hittys are a magical bunch. We can do anything we want. So bubble bath it is. Ahhhhhh. Nothing can compare to a scented soak.

But oh I had to cut it short because of the wonderful smell of cinnamon rolls. Jenny makes the most mouth watering treats you can imagine.

We were going to go see Cavenaugh Hill, the worlds tallest hill but it rained so we all talked about my journey so far. If it is sunny tomorrow, we will go flying up to the hill.

Goodbye for now,

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