Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Alice and friends find:

There seems to be all kind of things growing in pots and containers and in different parts of the year here in Flintstone at Linda's. In the front of the house you would never know all the tings growing in the back. Hickory and i Alice came out from the greenhouse and in a pot right outside the door is a pot that has lettuce growing in it. This was started until the ground could be plowed and diskked in the big garden. We walked out toward the back and came to a bunch of green leaves and big white flowers with yellow centers. Linda said these are the strawberry plants. They are about two weeks late in coming out this year. This is good because our weather has been such cold nights it could of killed the blooms and then no strawberries. See the pipe above the plants. When we do have to cover them if temps get low these pipes hold the blankets so they do not touch the plants. Sometimes they can be sprayed with water when it gets too cold. We have such good strawberries because we can let them on there vines till they are ripe. We have on both sides in the back apple trees, peach trees , plum trees and pear trees. The apple trees are in full bloom now. We also in the yard right out from our patio have cherry trees. All the trees except the apple trees have lost there blooms and fruit is growing. We walk on out the lane to find some things a growing up some poles nad stakes. They are raspberries. No berries are there yet. Linda says she does not care for these but her hubby loves them so she makes him pies and cobblers. We then walk back to the house and we stop to look at the upper garden and the other apple trees. This gaden will have our vine crops like cantalope, pumpkins and squash. Plus sweet potatoes and peppers. We are heading into the house for awhile. We will be back again to show you some more of what is growing here. have a great day, Alice and Friends

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