Saturday, June 29, 2013

What a Day!!!

Dear Readers well I must say that today was quite an adventure. First of all let me assure everyone that the Country Hittys of Missouri do not exaggerate when they claim that Hetty Hickory is an awful old thing. SHE IS!!! Let me relate what happened today. It all started very pleasantly. I was invited by Hetty to join her in her cabin..which is quite homey and very comfy. She had heard of my interest in the Fairy home and told me that she knew the location of an elfin home in the nearby woods. And indeed she did!! IT was such a charming little home and he was a very friendly little fellow.. or so I thought. During our visit he told me that Hetty could converse with the woodland creatures and if I wanted to make friends with a bird (remember the bird bath incident?) she could make this happen. I was thrilled to learn this and begged that some of the Hittys could be with me to see this wonderous thing. Hetty gladly agreed......she persuaded us to walk into this lovely white structure....that turned out to be a BIRD CAGE!! We were trapped!!! And Hetty just cackled away at our plight. Luckily for us the Hittys person found us and rescued us. She took us to her work shop to let us calm ourselves. We got to see what she does her carving. How odd to see those limbs lying about. I am ready for a good nights sleep after this day!! I do believe I will be quite happy to be leaving soon for Indiana!! I just do not understand how these Hittys can be so cheerful with that awful nut head lurking about the place! Wearily yours, Alice

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