Friday, June 21, 2013

Alice is Packing Again

It is hard to believe but it is time to begin the next part of my travels. I have had such a good time visiting with the Vicarage Hitties and enjoying the lovely flowers and plants. I was so touched when Isabelle and the girls threw me a going away tea. We had the most delicious chocolate cake. I'm wearing a new dress that Kathleen made for me. She was trying out a new thread and thought the dress suited me. I'm acquiring quite a wardrobe on this trip! After the tea I posed for one last formal portrait in my new dress. Who would have thought when I traveled from Poland all those years ago that I would have such adventures? Kathleen tells me that I am visiting some lovely Hitties and their moms. She did pull me aside though and whisper a warning about someone called Hetty. I'm not sure what all she meant, but I must say I am more curious than ever to meet Sherry and her Hitties!

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