Thursday, May 3, 2012

3rd episode And the investigating of the missing guinea pigs continues! Next, Hitty Agatha, Tony and Toby come upon the Raggedys, Annie & Andy, and Teddy. Tony is questioning Annie and Toby is questioning Andy. The boys ask, "Have any of you seen any guinea pigs go by here?" All 3 answered "no" in unison. They said they hope the guinea pigs are found and returned to their home. They just arrived here after some adventures of their own and they know what it is like to be lost!
Hitty Agatha and the boys travel on and what is this?!?!! "It can't be snow!" says Tony. "The temperature is too warm and it would be melted!" "It is flour!" says Toby. "I remember hearing of a little boy who likes to get into the flour canister and get some to build roads and hills for his toy cars! Next we'll have to find out who and where this little boy is!"
Hitty Agatha says, "Look, there are some animal footprints outside of the flour; it looks like the guinea pigs may have come this way." The boys said, "Yes, and there are some larger footprints that look to belong to feet larger than the guinea pigs feet! I see one the shape of a boy's shoe, but what made the other footprints?? We have a FEW mysteries to solve!!"
The boys and Hitty Agatha heard a noise, like a guinea pig makes, and they followed the noise. Lo & behold, one of the guinea pigs found his way back home! "I bet the poor little thing is thirsty and hungry!" says Hitty Agatha.
Now to find the other missing guinea pigs and to solve the other mysteries!!

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