Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Agatha-2nd episode Tony and Toby were checking out the critters that live here and when they came up to the guinea pig cage, lo & behold, there were no guinea pigs in it!! Hitty Agatha says: "Where could they have gotten to?? There is no way they got out of the cage by themselves." "They had to have help. We sure hope they weren't stolen!!" said Tony and Toby.
"We've got our trusty magnifying glasses to help us search for clues. We need to question some of the dolls who live here, to see if they know anything about this." said Tony and Toby. "That is very smart thinking boys." says Hitty Agatha. "Amelia, have you seen any guinea pigs run by here?" asked Tony. "I've been very busy rocking my baby doll to sleep. I'm sure I would have noticed the guinea pigs, though, if they HAD come through here! Maybe you could ask Smurf. He is over there pouting 'cause he is jealous that my baby doll is getting most of the attention." says Amelia Thimble.
"Smurf, have you seen any guinea pigs run by here?" asked Toby. Smurf just stood there with his arms crossed and didn't answer Toby, so Toby took that to mean the answer was no!
Hitty Agatha and the two young detectives continue on their way, to question some other doll people.

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