Monday, May 7, 2012

4th Episode After a few days of R & R, Hitty Agatha and the DIT's are back to questioning more residents. They came upon Mouse and asked him if he had seen the missing guinea pigs. Mouse says "No, I've not seen anything like that. I and one of my offspring, here with me, just left the garden. It looked like someone had been in there and there are some fresh veggies missing. Of course, my offspring and I had a few samples but all the empty spots are not from us."
"Thank you Mouse" says the DIT's. Hitty Agatha says, "I suspect the kidnappers raided the garden for food for themselves and the guinea pigs. So at least we know they have not gone hungry." Further on in their travels, Hitty Agatha and the DIT's come upon a Leprechaun resting at the base of a tree. Toby asks the Leprechaun is he has seen any lost guinea pigs. "I've been traveling hither and yon, searching for my pot of gold. I have not seen any such critters in my travels" says the Leprechaun.
The Leprechaun says, while pointing, "You should check out something down the road from here. I've been hearing some strange animal noises and also what sounds like giggling and talk that comes from humans."
Hitty Agatha and the DIT's follow the Leprechaun's suggestion and the closer they get, the louder the laughter and talking. All three, in unison, say "I think I know where the guineas are!!" The DIT's said, "We'll catch the kidnappers red-handed, too! They are making so much noise, I'm sure they can't hear us approaching!" The three approach a tent where the noise is coming from and they stand there and listen for a few minutes.
Hitty Agatha opens the front flap on the tent and SURPRISE! There are the culprits and the rest of the missing guinea pigs! And there appears to be............WHAT?!?! A baby elephant?!?!?!!!
Hitty Agatha and the DIT's, with the help of the 3 kidnappers, are able to get the guinea pigs back to their own habitat.
No one is quite sure about the baby elephant! The boys tell differing stories about how it came about. And one thing about it being a doll's world, anything is possible!!! The baby elephant seems to have taken a liking to Hitty Agatha. Agatha says that she has the same great love for animals that her carve Mom has and she thinks the baby elephant can sense this love and has attached itself to Agatha! Charlie, being the tallest of the boys, admitted that he was the culprit who took the little piggies from their cage. And Clayton and little David were right behind him, egging him on! Little David was the one who knew about the tent and suggested it would be a good hideout for the boys and the little critters. And yes, they robbed veggies from the vegetable garden, to feed the critters and themselves. It is still a mystery as to where the baby elephant came from. Little David also admitted to getting into the flour. He says it is great for making roads and hills for his little cars! All the boys will have to check in with Becassine and give her an accounting of their bad deeds. We have every confidence that Becassine, being the good nanny that she is, will be able to met out proper punishment to the boys for their deeds! Hitty Agatha is relaxing after the solving of the mystery and working with the 2 young DIT's. She is taking a stroll, enjoying the nice evening air. Baby Elephant is walking with her, she won't let Agatha out of her site! It appears Hitty Agatha has another travel companion to keep her company!
Agatha is feeling good that it was a happy outcome for the guinea pigs. And the two young DIT's are happy as they got their Detective Certificates!! They are now full fledged detectives, just like Hitty Agatha! All this is going through Agatha's mind, as she strolls along. "All is well that ends well!", says Hitty Agatha.

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