Monday, February 13, 2012

Missing puppies continued..........

On the trail of the missing puppies I consult with a witness to the strange person seen pushing
a pram across the field.

The witness is quite adamant as to the direction taken. I shall go fetch
one of the Hittys to accompany me.

Hitty Anne eagerly agrees to accompany me. We decide that the parents of the missing puppies might
aid us in our tracking efforts.

They are willing and biddable canines. We are off!! I am sure we are
on the right path.

Hettys Hideaway!!! We are successful!! We have discovered the rural retreat of the infamous Hetty
Hickory. And inside are the precious missing puppies!

They have been well cared for but our most
happy to be reunited with their parents. Hitty Anne is overjoyed to see them. Sheriff Wally is also
pleased and even more pleased with me! I have discovered not only the missing puppies but also

We pack up the bonnets for their return to the rightful owners....

the Hittys! Oh the satisfaction
I feel concerning this "double whammy!"

I thought you might enjoy another picture of the puppies and their parents.
It does bring a tear to the eye.

The Hittys are so thrilled with the return of their pets and their bonnets that they insist upon
making me a new bonnet and apron. They assure me that ALL country Hittys must have aprons
and bonnets. They search their supplies to find a nice lilac that will go with my frocks. I am
very pleased with their efforts.

They really are quite dear.

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