Friday, February 3, 2012

Where is she??????????????????

several of the country Hittys pry open the box and search franticallly for Agatha..."where is she?"
"helloooo are you in here??"

I can hear her...she is in this here.

Lets get the lid off, hurry, hurry!!!! She wants out!!!

Agatha is led off to join the HIttys in their living rooom.

I meet most of the Country Hittys, my they are quite an animated group.

They want to know all about the
city where I come from. How tall are the buildings and how big were those Asian lions?? Little Hitty Noel
is very relieved to learn they were made of stone.

I showed the girls my doll and her cradle.

They were all quite impressed but it was Hitty Noel that
could not wait to hold her.

Noel told me all about her dollies. She seems very sweet and very
young. I notice that the other Hittys baby her. I am quite busy making keen obversations of my
Cousin Ida who seems to be a combination of den mother and house keeper has ordered all the Hittys
off to play so that she and I can have a little chat. Ida is quite informative and very alert. She cautions
me that "someone" is peering around my chair and trying to eaves drop on our conversation.

I believe
this to be the notorious Hetty Hickory. I take careful note of her beady little eyes they show an alert
mind and since she is creeeping about a very devious nature. Just as I had been warned.
Cousin Ida has kindly left me alone to ponder on the facts of this case. I made careful notes
and will spend some time studying them.

I believe that tomorrow I will meet with the local
constable...a Sheriff Wally and see what can be done to solve this case,and I am determined
that it will be solved.

Cousin Ida summons Hitty Edith to explain to me one of their problems...a mystery of great
importance to my new friends. The Hittys have a dog rescue...German Shepherd dogs. And
very recently they have "lost" 2 of the youngest puppies. This has caused great distress for
the girls and for the older dogs. It appears that the dogs went missing during a sheep stampede
did I mention the HIttys have a small flock of sheep? The stampede was very mysterious. The
older dogs all rushed to assist in the round up, upon their return the puppies were discovered to
be missing from their little pen. The consensus is that Hetty had something (if not everything!) do
do with the stampede and the puppy napping. But where would she put two very active puppies???

I must ponder this carefully.

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