Saturday, February 4, 2012

Agatha here......................Meeting Sheriff Wally...

Dear Friends,
Just a quick note to let you all know I am well and safe
so far. I am off this morning to meet with Sheriff Wally.
I am in hopes he will be able to provide me with additional
clues concerning this puppy napping incident. I do have
some theories. Ta ta for now, I will be contacting you all
later today.

Finally I meet the famous Sheriff Wally. My, they say in Tulsa he certainly is a
tall drink of water!!!

He was very helpful but I fear he may be a trifle naive concerning
just how crafty this Hetty may be. He says that she is "trifle cantankerous". I can hardly
wait to meet her face to face!! The good sheriff did promise to provide any all support
that law enforcement could provide in solving the Pupppy napping!

As I was preparing to leave the Sheriff mentioned that someone had seen a "lady" pushing a buggy
out across the field.

Chilly weather to be taking the air with babies he thought. I asked if it could
be Htty and he laughed aloud!!! "Why of course not, that Hetty is shore not the mothering type".
But could it have been her? and if so ...what was in that buggy?!

GASP!!!! Dear readers, this is a glimpse into that buggy. OH the poor little dears!!

Agatha has not seen this but she has her suspicions and surely she will uncover the
dreadful plot before it is....................too late.

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