Friday, February 24, 2012

Hitty Agatha in Flintstone

Well I could fill my box being moved. A chill came over me as I figured I was being taken outside. I could fill something hitting the box maybe rain. Oh my now am being put down and could fill something being set on me-it was not heavy. I am here for a time not sure how long. Then I can fill being lifted up and could hear a door open and plop I am set down. It is warm here . All of a sudden I can feel my box being opened. I can hear voices-lots of voices. Where am I , I wonder, am I in Flintstone? Is that some of the Yabba Dabba Doo Hittys I hear.I hear one saying It has HITTY written on the box.

Then I hear AGATHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA are you in there? Yes I ammmmmmmmmmmmm help me out please.

Oh my I am carefully unwrapped and I see a most welcoming Welcome Bunch. Hi, I am Butch, Hi I am Laura, Hi, I am Steffie and then I see a hand reaching out for me and saying ok everyone let her get her breath we can all meet later. Hitty Gerty helps me out.

I get my breath and go to the front door of a big house where I am greeted again by Becassine and Becassine Tina. Welcome Agatha we are so happy to have you in Flintstone.

So many wonderful Hittys and friends to help me solve the mystery of........................well later we will tell you


  1. What a wonderful welcoming bunch! And what is this mysterious mystery???

  2. So glad you arrived safely and so many happy faces to greet you.
    Wonder what is the mystery? I will read each day, as I am excited. Have fun, Hitty Mitty