Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hitty Noel and dollies

It is nearing the end of my stay with the Country Hittys. I have been packing my bags in preparation for my
departure. I was busily folding and sorting when a small delagation of Hittys came to ask my help. They
asked if I might spend a bit of time with their Hitty Noel. I believe I mentioned her earlier. She was the
one who was so taken with the cradle and dolly that I have with me. Pleasant reminders of my childhood
that will accompany to my eventual permanent home. At any rate I of course agreed to the request to
visit with Noel. It seems that my earlier observation was correct. Noel is quite "young". She is shy and
most happy at home among her sisters.
She is much cosseted by them and is a gentle little soul. She has a large collection of dollies which she was
eager to share with me.

We had a lovely afternoon examining her collection.
Tomorrow I shall finish my packing and bid all a fond farewell.

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