Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mehitabel Arrives in Illinois

Oh, My goodness...

After what seemed like an eternity, I've arrived and thankful to be standing on solid ground again! Although the skies were beautiful so high above I felt like I could have touched heaven, as we neared the Mississippi River Basin, the trip became pretty stormy. I felt like I was riding a yo-yo! Perhaps the window seat isn't always the best!

At one point, I thought I would lose my bonnet... the child in the seat next to me turned on the overhead air and nearly blew me out of my seat! Fortunately, his mother reached up and turned the air down, but I still felt chilly for quite awhile. I was so grateful to have my beautiful cape that Sherry had made, as it warmed my wooden pegs wonderfully. One would have thought nothing could ruffle my splinters after all those motorcycle rides at Tina's, but the flight to Chicago was a bumpy one! I must admit, the Amtrak from Chicago to Macomb was so relaxing... I think I could travel across America on a train.!

There they were... almost all of the Hitty Street family peering out the Depot windows watching for me! Oh, I feel like a movie star... I'm here! (I'm exhausted.) I should have cat-napped today, but now I'm so excited to be visiting with my next new family! YIPPEEEE... I'm here at D'Marie's in Illinois! Oh what fun it will be for the next couple weeks!
Hitty hugs... Mehitabel

Shhhhhh... Mehitabel is still sleeping! C'mon, Hickory Tot.. we'll show you where the boys are hiding!)

Hi, Miss Tina and others.. they think I'm asleep, but I was just dozing and listening to the rain this morning! Hickory Tot is such a wiggler all night, it felt good to have the bed all to myself for awhile. They are off finding the boys, so I have a little while just to myself. It's still raining, but D' said after breakfast it should stop and we can go out to the pond. Mike took the big pump out yesterday and it has to be cleaned for it to work well, so we're gonna help! D' has a pair of extra jeans and a t-shirt for me to wear so my pretty dress Linda made won't get dirty! She said we'll have to watch for frogs, especially after all the rain.. I can hear them croaking even here in bed! Well, I should get my shower and join the others. Know that I will never forget my adventures, not all my new friends as I go from place to place! Each of you will always have a special place in my heart... warm Mehitabel hugs... M'

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