Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the wee small hours of the morning.........

Oh these wooden joints! Such a wonderfilled night with everyone... we danced til dawn and slept til noon... but of course, not WITH everyone! Had to take a brief break yesterday and let our bodies rest!

This evening we have driven to Bloomington, Illinois, where D' often visited her two Grandmothers when she was a child. We crossed at least three areas that were terribly flooded. Even the small rivers in D's town are flooded. We are all praying for no rain tomorrow... Sunday, as there is a special place we get to visit. D' has told us of a fun park that we will go visit tomorrow... it even has a Zoo! So exciting, I can hardly wait!

With all the graduations going on today, we had quite a time finding a motel room. Mike was getting pretty frustrated, plus there was so much traffic! Finally, we are here and he is already snoring for all of us. The boys are going to sleep with Mike and the girls with D'Marie(just in case anyone was worried). Guess I'd best get ready for bed. I still need to shower and decide what I want to wear to the zoo! Oh, I hope I can sleep tonight! Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!

P.S. I tried not to look, but Buster is wearing reddish long-johns that almost match his beard!

Warm and snuggly hugs... Mehitabel

While the boys shower, we girls decided to play Simon Says...
Hickory Tot is so hysterical! Mimicking the big person, Hickory Tot says, "Snore like Mike!" Of course, we all did and blew it!

Giggling hugs past midnight... Mehitabel

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