Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lions Tigers and Bears


Bright and early Sunday morning, we all piled into the car and headed acroos
town to the Miller Park Zoo. It had rained all night and the skies still
appeared rather ominous, but Mike reassured us it was not supposed to rain til
late afternoon. Though we took him at his word, D'Marie packed us into a plastic
carry tote just to be safe!

The zoo had hardly opened when we arrived, so we got talk to some of the zoo
workers and watched as they went behind the scenes before the crowds came.
Miller Park Zoo was a wonderful little zoo, with several small buildings to
shelter the animals and birds. There was a beach for family swimming, but it was
still closed for the season. Off to one side of the lake, we could see wonderful
paddle boats and canoes. Perhaps one day, we will come back when every part was
open... though I'm not sure I could reach the peddles on the paddleboats!

It seemed the closer we got to the animals, the brighter the sun, so most of
them came out of their homes to greet us. A Kangaroo hopped behind me when I sat
upon his fence! Wouldn't it have been fun to ride within the pouch? The billy
goat jumped upon this house and a beautiful white alpaca grazed nearby. There
were so many animals, it was hard to not take a picture of every one of them! I
would have loved to take them all home with me, too, but D' said they would
become to lonesome for their families and that people would miss seeing them
when they came to visit the zoo. So-o-o-o, we left each one, but I still think
it would have been fun to watch the eagle each day in my garden, or maybe the
little meerkats!

We saw the tiger pacing and the leopard sniffing the flowers. The Sun Bear came
clear down to the fence to say hello to us. When they realized we were watching
them, the gorillas began putting on a delightful show and chased each other and
swung all over the place. It was so fun, but their noises were a little scary
and I just about jumped out of my wooden skin! I was glad we had Mike, Wes and
Buster with us for protection.

There was a special place called the rainforest. Birds squaked and flew around
our heads! Lucky for us, the poisonous creatures from the tropics were in glass
enclosures, thank goodness... blue frogs and yellow frogs, lizards, snakes and
even some special monkeys. The floor was so awesome with all kinds of leaf
prints showing onto the cement!

Before we left, we got to see the Rainforest Theatre and sit upon the stage.
Our final stop was in the children's area, where Hickory Tot and I got to pose
with a Gorilla, a Bear and a Skunk... who would believe! I also got to pick out
a little souvenir that won't reqire a fence or food as I travel to my next
destination.... a little giraffe finger puppet! Oh what adventures we can do
together this summer!

We had a wonderful day and took tons of pictures. Have fun looking at the photos
and pretending you're at the zoo, too! Wish each of you could have come along,
maybe next time!

Soft and cuddly bear hugs... Mehitabel

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