Thursday, May 13, 2010

As I dry my ringlets

Morning Friends...

Such a night as I have never known! After seeing the photos of Gladys' new family addition from Ingeborg Tinnius, D'marie invited her Hitty Ingeborg to an evening of dinner and music at a local restaurant with tables on their veranda.

Hitty Lily~Pat, carved years ago by Pat Thompson, had opened a small Fairyland Restaurant with items all from the woods... lychen, branches, flowers and seeds decorated the sweet chairs and tables. I felt so at home!

With a light breeze going, Lily~Pat couldn't keep our table candle lit, but it didn't seem to matter. The atmosphere was so peaceful and to add to our delight, Lily~Pat brought a handsome musician to play at our table. Strumming his beautiful gourd cello, Buster, hand-carved by Wanda Harrigan, sang all our favorite songs! We felt so honored and he gave us his autograph!

You should have been there... he wears OLD SPICE and smelled so nice! He even winked at us a couple of times, making Hitty Ingeborg blush! When we had finished our dinner, Buster joined us for a glass of white wine. We talked well into the wee hours of the morning! Did you know he hails from Oklahoma and was once a cowboy.... he still wears his boots and red long-johns.. . and does a wonderful rendition of 'Oklahoma'!

We took Hitty Ingeborg home, humming all the way to her door! I'm still floating!

Guess what? Tonight, Buster is going to come to D's for a cookout! Be still my wooden heart... well, I don't know what I'm doing dilly-dallying around here... I've only four hours, I need to get ready!

Musical hugs.....
'where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...' Mehitabel

Now that I have my ringlets dry, I've put my pretty new T-shirt on this afternoon and D' took a picture of me. She was able to find my T-shirt at a scrapbook shop that had different t's from Disney characters and logos.

D' cut about half an inch off the bottom of the purchased t-shirt, slit the back and then used the cut off piece to make a placard for a button and loop. It isn't tight going over my head now at all and I love it! D' says I can take it to my final home with me! Would you believe... it says '100% Princess' on the front and is one of my favorite colors... PINK! Of all the photo proofs, I picked the one in the tree branches(we did it indoors, so my ringlets wouldn't sag from all the rain!) Enjoy...

Rainy day hugs... Mehitabel

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