Friday, May 21, 2010

We went to the animal fair and a farewell to Illinois

The birds and the beasts were there!

Yesterday, the rain stopped long enough for us to find one last adventure before I head for Kathie's in Wisconsin! A bunch of us hopped into Mike's car(the kangaroo taught us well) and headed across town. There's a wonderful park nearby, where D's children and grandchildren used to play, with gigantic enormous animals for little bitty people persons to ride upon and to slide down and to swing in. As we all stood together looking at all the playground, it only took a moment to decide where to head first!

Of course, we had to all try the climbing wall, which I found a little scary with my wooden pegs and all! But, Hickory Tot, who is so much more flexible, passed us all like it was a tree! She even got higher than Wes and Buster, though they tried with all their might to catch up with her! Mike had to reach her down, or she would still be climbing!

There was a huge dinosaur and a frog... thank goodness they were fastened tightly to the ground! Bravely, Miss Tina and I sat upon the dinosaurs nose and tried not to tremble... his large white teeth were bigger than the two of us together! Lily~Pat and I sat upon a gentle purple hippo with gi_normous eyes that seemed to follow us everywhere! He was quite slippery, so I, for one, was quite glad when Mike got us down! It wasn't until we left the park that D' realized that Mike had gotten her into the picture, too!

In spite of the warm sunshine, a big thunder caused the ground to tremble and us to shudder! We quickly posed for a picture together and headed home! It was easy to see how those little child people could spend the day at this park!

Slippery sliding hugs... Mehitabel

Last minute pics... one with Buster as cowpoke. A final farewell picture in my dress and bonnet from d' with my new best friend and traveling companion,he's a tall one!

Heading to Wisconsin... Mehitabel

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