Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Chase

Who would have thought?

After breeakfast and tooth brushing, the rain had finally stopped for awhile and We decided to go out to D's backyard pond and help her clean the big pump. There's a few koi and even some new fish babies in the pond, plus some giant GROSS frogs and their baby tadpoles(kinda cute)!(I don't think I like frogs... they look kinda slimey!)

Even with my work jeans and t-shirt, I really hated to get so mucky, but Joey wanted to catch one of the frogs, so the next one that came close to us, we started chasing across the rocks..... HE almost fell in when this one big frog jumped back into the water! Luckily, Joey was bare-footin' and it didn't matter that his feet got wet! He grabbed a big ugly frog by a back leg as D' reached for Joey's foot! Joey said I was so lucky, cuz we were going to have that for supper...! Oh, Dear, I really hope D' has some peanut butter instead! After watching it jump everywhere, Joey finally decided he should let it go. Thank goodness! I was extremely glad and didn't even watch to see which direction it hopped!

Suddenly, I heard a squeal... kind of a cross between one of delight and one of fright! There on the top of one of the pond walls was Hickory Tot! she had had her own wild chase going on! Would you believe... while we were going after the frog, Hickory Tot had seen a squirrel! She said it had become a mutual chase... the squirrel chasing Hickory Tot one minute and then Hickory Tot going after the squirrel.

When we finally caught up with the two of them, Joey was able to catch the squirrel and I caught Hickory Tot! I had to briefly explain the story of Miss Hickory and the squirrel(leaving off the final details, of course, so as not to give her nightmares this week). Joey disciplined the little squirrel, who promised he and his family would never hurt Hickory Tot... as long as she promised not to chase him or steal his hidden walnuts from last winter!

Needless to say, we had quite a workout and didn't get the pond pump cleaned... D' says maybe tomorrow. There are thunder storm warnings for this afternoon, so we've decided to go inside for lunch and then maybe play some games. My pegs are worn, but it was great fun with Joey. Later this week, he said we all get to go camping... if the rain ever stops and lets the ground dry! There's a wonderful lake near the campground, too, so we may get to go fishing, as well! Rain, rain, go away... come again some other day(or week!)....

YIPPPEEEE... peanut butter and jelly biscuits for lunch! Lovin' hugs... Mehitabel

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