Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raining Days n Mondays......

But this is Thursday...
Storms all afternoon, some areas getting over 4 inches of rain near here! What to do? What to do?

As we all sat moping around, D' called us into the dining room! There on a giant craft mat(to us, Hitty-sized creatures) were scissors and colored papers and beads and wires and stickers and sequins and buttons and so many things, I cannot remember it all! What a blast! We colored and pasted and cut out wonderful things almost all afternoon! We even got to use glitter with a little help from d', so that we didn't get it into our eyes.

Of course, I did a horse for Buster to hang in his room at the bunkhouse, but I noticed Lily-Patt did, too, and so did Magnolia! Oh well, he is a handsome dude... but, they get to see him evryday! Wes said there is plenty of room in the bunkhouse for lots of horse pictures. Boy, what a wonderfully deep voice he has! Joey colored a great picture of his favorite computer cartoon guy.... it was awesome! Buster did a huge picture of a longhorn to hang above his fireplace... I was very impressed! It looked like leather when he got done.

Little Miss Priceless, Mulberry, and Ladybug each colored with wonderful pencils and then painted with water brushes. Their pictures looked so pretty!

Even Hickory Tot did her favorite thing, a beautiful tree! I've promised her we will take it home with us and hang it in her room, if our grown-up person doesn't mind.

We had such fun and heard a song on the radio as we cleaned up our messes... 'Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down....' Not me, not us, we're glad it's Thursday and that someone very special invented scissors, paper and glue!

Sticky, but glittery hugs enclosed... Mehitabel

Shake your Bootie.........

Oh My! I think I just saw the sun rising over yonder...

But then, so have all the others! About seven, Buster, Wes, Joey and Peddlar showed up at D's with their musical instruments! Buster with his Gourd Cello/Bass, Wes with his clarinet, Joey brought his bongos and Peddlar had his golden bass clarinet... What a trip!

We sang and danced and sang some more! Our evening went on and on and on! Tina Marie and Ladybug knew all the words to every song! Ladybug and I harmonized with Hitty Perfume, while the guys were accompanied by Hitty GW, who brought and played along on her dulcimer. It was marvelous! Who would have thought such wooden pipes could sound so heavenly together? We may have to take this act on the road...

but not until we all get some rest!

As the book says, "My spirit was willing, but my pegs were not!"
Won't take me long to fall asleep...

Yawning hugs... Mehitabel

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