Monday, April 26, 2010

Mehitabel's Monkey

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to let you know what I found today. A monkey!!! He is a sweet little monkey only around 1 1/2" tall. He is as we speak eating a banana (it's a pretend banana)and sitting beside me. Tina has promised to get a picture of us and share with all of you. I hope he can travel with me on my adventures and become my little friend. I have promised to take care of him forever.
There is alot of noise outside today, they are paving the road that goes by Tina's house. I thought the last bit of my trip here was a little rough. Now when I leave, maybe it will be a smoother ride.
We are all sitting around playing with the monkey and I think I heard another one right outside of The Little House. I thought monkeys were from the jungle, but Tina said these kind are from thread. So no worries of him being too rowdy. He will stay were you put him.
Off now to play some more.
I will write again when something of interest happens, and around here there is always something happening.
Hitty Hugs, Mehitabel

P.S. Watch for a photo upload later this evening.

May 3, 2010

I wanted to let you all know I am enjoying my visit with the Rock Bottom Hitty's. They have been so enjoyable to be around, even if they are really countryfied. They are all dreading my departure in the next few days.
Tina has been busy with getting my packages all back in my travel box and will let you know my time of departure to head North to D'Maries and the Hittys who live with her.
We had hoped to go to a historic Indian Mound, but the weather has been against any outdoor fun. What a shame.. Tina showed me online all about it though. If you would like to see the website for it..
Search Town Creek Indian Mound, NC...
I am going to close with a huge hug to everyone and spend some time talking with the Hittys here before I leave.
Until next time, Mehitabel


  1. Monkey see, Monkey do.. I see a monkey just like you!! Sorry...I couldnt resist.


  2. Marciaaaaaaaaaaaa tee eh eh .