Monday, April 19, 2010

Goodbye Missouri

This will be my final post from Missouri. I hope you enjoy the many pictures of my last day with the Country Hitty's here at the farm. We spent several very peaceful hours out in the sunshine. The Hittys' gathered all the farm animals to play with us. The new puppy was most interested in the bunny rabbit and the lamb. He wanted to herd them I think...I hope! The rabbit was not too keen on the idea. We also brought the babies out to enjoy the fresh air. The Country HItty's have a delightful gazebo and we sat and talked and exchanged stories. It was just the most pleasant way to end my stay with these cheerful folks.
Best of all, the tot that I found in the woods is now ready to accompany me on my journey. Cousin Ida has dressed her and fitted a little bonnet to her head. She is devoted to me and I do not believe she will be a problem for my future hosts. She is content to snuggle into our carrier and play quietly.
With this I bid you all adieu from Missouri! Tina here I come!


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