Thursday, April 22, 2010

Motorcycle Ride and Paper Run and Village where Tina grew up

I wanted to let you know the motorcycle ride was terrific.. I loved it.. I rode safely tucked in Tina's backpack. We went to the country, about 10 miles from here, where Tina's husband has his shop and also where Tina was raised. She took a picture of me in front of the Grenaco Mill Village sign and it has the date it was established (1935?).It has slipped my mind of that, but it will be on the photo.. She also showed me some of her Moma's yard ornaments (Tina's son and his family live there now)and introduced me to several cement and plastic children that live in the yard year round.Tina's son and his family live there now. They must have a high tolerance to the elements to stay there. I sat and talked with 2 groups of them. One girl even asked for me to sit and swing with her and a friend. I obliged. Then we were back on the road and headed home. I am a little tired still, so will close for the night with a Good Night to all..
Hitty Hugs, Mehitabel

I wanted to share my first Motorcycle trip with you all.I went with Tommy and Tina to the village she grew up in. It is called Grenaco Mill Village. The is 9 homes there. I was introduced to the yard children that belonged to Tina's Moma. They were very kind and entertained me with many stories of living 1 mile from the S.C. border. We didn't go that far this time but hope to go and get my picture standing on the line before I leave, which is a few days away.
Also I added a photo of Tina's homeplace. She was raised in this house from the age of 2. Her son,his wife and 1 year old daughter live there now.
It was so much fun riding the motorcycle,even though I didn't get to see much during the ride. Tina told me it would be safer in the backpack. She is on the lookout for me a helmet for the next ride.
We hope to soon be going to an Indian Mound that is known as Indian Mound. It was home to the Town Creek Indians. I will get more info on them and share soon. I also hope to see some of the arrowheads that Tinas family have found on their land and hold dear to them. One is a Ceremonial Crystal Arrowhead. I will be sure to share those when I see them.
I did get up early this morning and go on the paper route with Tina, Tommy and Katey. I have photos of this and Tina is uploading them as soon as I finish up here.
Time is precious this morning for Tina and she said we should be ready to travel again soon. She has to go to the country again and pick up Tommy for lunch. It is supposed to rain off and on all day and he rode the motorcycle this morning.
So until I have more adventures and photos to share.
Hugs, Mehitabel

Sunday in North Carolina-April 25,2010

It is a windy, overcast day here in North Carolina. We were hoping to go to the river today for me to see some of the area I am visiting. After the rains we got last night, we have decided to wait for the mud to dry up some..
So today is a lazy kinda day. We are spending it talking, reading and snacking. I do hope weight gain will be minimum as I have been eating all sorts of good ole country food. That is what Granny Honey calls it.
I am learning more about the Williams family as I meet different ones. I met one granddaughter and she was just the sweetest. She held me and gave me hugs. She is only 2, so I was a little nervous, afterwards though, I knew she was very loving and cares for all dolls. She is a little mommy for sure.
Hickory Tot hasn't been still for more than a minute. She is spending time with the Hickory Tot who lives here. She is named after Cousin Ida. She says she hopes she lives up to the standards of Cousin Idas being she is her namesake. What a lively little one she is.. She speaks of her adventures in the willows and by the creek. She seems to think there may be fairies who live near, but still has to yet to meet one.
The Rock Bottom Hittys are all so entertaining. They keep something going at all times, be it a simple meal, or an all out throw down. They love playing fun pranks on each other and have grown accustomed to that already.. I went to bed last night only to find my covers were missing.. After some investigating, they were found under the bed.. Nothing bad, just good clean fun. I will have to think of one to play on them before I leave to continue my adventures traveling about.
After a delightful meal of fried chicken, tater wedges and a roll, then a yummy blueberry danish for dessert, I think I shall retire to the bed for a nap.
I will write again soon.
Hitty Hugs to all, Mehitabel

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