Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mehitabel Visiting an Antique Shop

My time in Missouri now grows short. I am told that I will board the postal bus on the morrow. I am quite excited about going to see Tina but also sad to leave my new friends here in the country.
I must tell you of my adventures since I last wrote.
We went antiquing! The person at this house loves to browse the many antique stores in the area. As you all know My ancestor is a true antique. I like to think that I too have that fine patina of a classic myself. At any rate Emily Anne and I had a rolicking good time! We explored the nooks and crannies of many shoppes. I found the most amazing Moose! I loved that Moose. I so wanted to have it for my very own, but Emily Anne persuaded me that it was too large to fit in my postal box. Please let me know if you do not think I look postively regal seated upon it! I shall miss that Moose I am sure.
We tried to decide on a nice knife rest but could not choose from the many samples. We found a wonderful stage coach but it was a tad too small to get inside. I also tried my hand at driving a china car. Emily thought I did a fine job. It was a very wonderful time and We were quite exhausted upon our return to the farm.

Your friend,

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  1. Mehitabel,
    It looks as if you had a grand time with your visit in Missouri. We will be awaiting your arrival here.. We must start cleaning right away.. The Little House is busting with joy in the thoughts of your visit..
    We will keep chatting amongst overselves as to where to take you. Of course being that you will need to rest upon your arrival.. We will have clean sheets on the bed for napping.
    Hitty Hugs, Hitty Ernestina and The Rock Bottom Hittys