Friday, April 2, 2010

Mehitabel arrives in Missouri

OH joy, I have arrived in Missouri. I am told we are close to the Ozarks but I am not really sure what that is. Nothing too fierce I hope! The trip was a long one, but I confess to having been quite comfortable, tucked as I was in my sleeping pouch. Therefor I have arrived refreshed and ready for adventure!Upon my arrival I was greeted by the charming Country Hitty's and Cousin Ida. In addition Miss Hickory and Auntie Hickory were there to greet me. We had the most lovely tea and chat. They are quite a lively crew and ever so friendly. I have been much petted and praised for my beauty and wardrobe. I am sure all the compliments will go to my head. The weather here is just lovely and the flowers are in bloom. I believe I am going to like this sojurn in the country. On the morrow I am told that we will take a stroll in the woodlands. This is quite an exciting prospect as this is where they find all of those charming Hickory tots! Perhaps I will find one and she can accompany on my travels. That would be simply splendid. I shall be sure to inform you if that occurs. The person in charge of this establishment has promised to take many pictures to document our many adventures. I shall be writing again very soon I am sure. Sincerely yours,Mehitabel


  1. Linda,
    I am a Hitty lover also...Love your Marcia Te Velde Hitty...where did you get her?

  2. Meo, Marcia donated this Hitty to our group for a travel doll but she carves and sells her dolls. If you need her email let me know, thanks, linda