Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hitty Mehitabel enjoying redbud trees and tulips with the girls

Greetings from Missouri. Oh my what fun I have had with my lovely hostesses. Over the weekend they took me to their favorite Redbud tree and we climbed it!! It was quite scary for all of us. You can't know how difficult it is to climb trees when one's pegs do not bend! But we did it and what a wonderful view we had from the limbs of that lovely tree. It was all abloom and the little bees were just buzzing about. We sat there in the sunshine and exchanged many confidences. Redbud trees grow everywhere in this part of MO. THey are all out growing wild in the woods and along the edges of the fields. This time of year they are in glorious bloom. We also strolled among the tulips. Just a lovely time was had by all, including me!
I am still expecting a trip into the historic small town of Cole Camp. More pictures will be taken I am sure.
I believe that I shall commence my further adventures by Thursday of this week. It is time for me to travel on and see more of this great world! I shall be sorry to leave my new friends but I know I shall make many more. I will post again before I board the postal buss.

Yours truly,


  1. This should of been red bud instead of rose bud.

  2. Redbuds are a favorite of mine.. Mehitabel looks to be having a grand time with all your girls.
    Hugs, Tina