Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mehitabel In Missouri

Dear Friends, Greeting from Missouri. Oh what a thrilling few days I have had here in the country. We spent a day just getting to know one another. The Country Hitty's have a new pupppy and we had such fun playing with him. A German Shepherd puppy! Their person has two rather larger dogs of this same breed. They are quite imposing to a small wooden person! But this puppy is just our size and a good deal of fun.The first sunny day I acompanied Hannah Rose, Hitty Joy and Rebecca into the woods to search for any lost Hickory tots. Oh my what a day we had, tramping about on our wooden pegs! We searched under many piles of oak and hickory leaves and finally we found a wee tot! I have asked that pictures be posted so that you might all see how hard it is to spot these little ones, all huddled into the leaf piles! She is such a sweet little thing. I am quite attached to her already. She will be accompanying me on my further travels. I am sure that I shall enjoy the companionship. Later in the day the girls took me to the big barn where they were determined to show me the nest of the resident Barn Owl. Oh my, it was rather frightening to climb upon those huge bales of hay. I had to stick my pegs in very firmly to gain a foothold. But I must say that it was well worth the effort. We stayed quite still and soon the owl came swooping in to feed his mate. the nest is wayyyy up in the rafters of the barn. Altho we could spy it from our perch it was too far away to take a picture to send you. The food he was carrying in was a mouse!!! He feeds his mate on mice...many many mice! I am so glad that I am not an owl!! Or a mouse for that matter!Tomorrow we are going to take a trip to town. I shall post further installments of my adventures.Your friend, Mehitable

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