Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today was a Fun Day!!

Ellyn, the 4 yr. old granddaugter of our hostess came to visit!! Ellyn sat at a table, playing with Hitty Olivia, me and some doll figures.

She decided the doll figures were at a dance and paired them all off with a dancing partner. All the while she was chattering away, about who was going to dance with who. Cinderella didn't have a partner so Ellyn called her "the singing lady". Ellyn put Hitty Olivia and me in the Halloween bucket that she received from McDonald's (and which she decorated with stickers!). She wanted us to have a good view for watching the dancers! Ellyn also stated that the reason our arms were hanging over the edge of the bucket, was in case we wanted to lift any dancers up into the bucket with us.

Ellyn is explaining to her Nana about the part each doll is playing!

Ellyn decided the dance was over and is lining up all the characters and of course, explaining about them the whole time. She was very serious and making sure each doll was where they should be! Hitty Olivia and I were enjoying watching her!

Then Ellyn says, "Ta Da! All done!"

While our hostess was getting a close-up photograph of Hitty Olivia and me, Ellyn asks, "Why are you taking a picture of just them?" It was explained to her that Travel Miss Hickory was a visitor from a long way away and quite special, so our hostess wanted a picture of just her and Hitty Olivia. Of course, Ellyn pointed out the "singing lady" in the front!

Oh, the joy! I was dancing and Ellyn was singing to me!

Ahhhh! And the Very Best Moment of all!!! Ellyn was gently hugging me, with lots of love!!

After all this excitement, we girls were ready for a little quiet time. Ellyn asked her Nana to read to her from the Miss Hickory book! Miss Flora Hickory and I were thrilled! Ellyn felt it was time for me to rest and she wanted Miss Flora Hickory to sit with her while the story was being read. Ellyn was very attentive and it was decided to read one chapter at a time, reading a new one each time she comes to visit. It just warms my apple twig limbs to know that Ellyn is enjoying the book and also enjoying the company of we hickory nut people!

It was very fun and enjoyable afternoon with Ellyn!!

Travel Miss Hickory

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