Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Sightseeing

My hostess took me out for a drive. She decided to drive up the hill to the college, as one can get a good view of the city from up there. "College??", I asked. "Yes, it is a community college, called Cerro Coso College." says my hostess. I was admiring the sign for the college and then my hostess told me I had to get back in the car, in order to drive up and around the hill to where the college was.

The college buildings were just plain, modern design buildings but I did see other interesting things. I thought these rock formations were interesting.

No worries! I am safe!! It is not easy to see it in the picture, but there is a little "lip" on the rock that my feet are resting against! I felt like a brave mountain climber!

This is a nice spot to sit and rest. One can choose to sit in either sun or shade.

In spite of it being a very warm afternoon, I chose to sit and rest in the sun.

Near the college, there is a park called Louis Miro de Acevedo Sculpture Park. It is a small park that features student and instructor works, and also the works of guest artists. I saw this sculpture as we were leaving the college. What talent!

We stopped on the drive down the hill, to view the city of Ridgecrest. The main attraction of Ridgecrest is NAWS (Naval Air Weapons Station). People are employed here from all over the world and the U.S. Ridgecrest has a large population, too, of retired people, both military and civilian.

It was a pleasant afternoon and I enjoyed being out and about!

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