Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Story continues

Hello Friends,

My hostess took Flora and I to visit at the daughter's last Saturday. Nothing went quite as planned and so no pictures got taken. We did get acquainted with the 4 yr. old granddaughter and she didn't seem to express much interest in us although she was very interested and attentive while hearing about our ancestor, who is written about in a book. My hostess brought home a bunch of things called Beanies and some Beanie Buddies. Flora and I were not sure what these were and thought at first my hostess was talking in some kind of foreign language! But at home, the hostess arranged all
of them on a shelf and we got to explore among them. Flora and I found them to be quite soft, very friendly and quite harmless little critters!

This picture shows ALL the Beanies and Buddies, and also a beanie critter that snuck in after the first picture was taken! Can you find Flora and I....and the critter who snuck in?!??

Just in case you didn't spot the critter who snuck into the second picture, here he is with Flora, me, the Tots and Baby Tot (who is traveling with me). This critter really is quite well behaved but Flora is thinking this is because he has a big acorn in his hands and hence that is distracting him from the fact that we have nut heads! Oh, and thank goodness for bonnets/hats that also help to "hide" our nut heads from him!

The Tots wanted me to introduce you to them.....there is Lily Tot (red dress), Daisy Tot (green dress) and Jesse Tot! I must say that I find the little Tots to be quite pleasurable! And they are a great help to me with keeping the Baby Tot occupied.

And soon, a new adventure where we meet the new resident here and I also get to meet the Quack family!

Travel Miss Hickory

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