Friday, October 21, 2011

Today I arrived in Wisconsin

One a sunny gorgeous afternoon, I arrived in Wisconsin. Hitty Tot and Sheepie were so excited, they could hardly contain themselves. Once out of the box, filled with many wonderful things,
my hostess decided to take me to a place where many Miss Hickorys may have begun

...An old hickory tree.

All of the nuts had already fallen and the many squirrels had fatten their little cheeks with
the nuts and taken them away to bury them for the winter. Sometimes the squirrels even bury them in the yard where my hostess lives.

Since I am so small, my hostess decided instead of sitting "under the tree"..that I should sit "in the tree"...

We then tried to capture just a sampling of the colorful leaves, but the season was early this year and the last fews days, a blustery wind brought most of them down. In a near by tree, well, look for yourself.....A CROW

....there were six of them nearby but they soon scattered when they saw us coming closer. A squirrel also made a "get away"....

I think I shall take a little snooze before meeting the Hittys...They have a "fish fry" planned for this evening's meal. If you know about Wisconsin, you know Friday night is "fish fry" night!!

I'll check in again soon.....

Miss Travel Hickory

P.S. A special thanks to all of my previous hostesses for all the wonderful memories!!!

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