Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Last Day

Hello Friends,

Well, this is my last day visiting with good friends in Ridgecrest, CA. Tomorrow I will be boarding the postal bus for Wisconsin. My hostess says she believes I will get to see some real Fall weather there versus the summery weather we have been experiencing here. I am looking forward to seeing another part of the grand U.S.A.!

The "family" here gifted me with a crocheted pinny. I told them I will wear it on special occasions and think of them each time I do.

I was also gifted with a burgundy crocheted afghan. My hostess could not get a picture that shows the true color; it is a deeper color than what shows in this photograph. I think this afghan will be nice to cover with when I lie down to rest and/or read a book, or maybe I will use it as a bedspread on my bed. I can also fold it to use as a lap robe....so there are many uses I can get from it!

Flora Hickory, Hitty Olivia, the Quack Family, Amelia Thimble and the Tots all gathered to bid me farewell.

After all my belongings were packed, I was wrapped up and ready to travel, too. After it was all done, the Hickory Tot girls (Lily and Daisy) threw themselves on top of my travel box, in tears that I was leaving. I "knew" Jesse Tot was nearby, too, I could sense him. I know Jesse was trying to be a man and not cry, too. I could hear the Tots and reassured them that all would be well, that if I didn't come back to them as my Forever Home, that maybe the Home I do go to will send pictures often so we can all keep in touch that way.

P.S. I know Jesse Tot is looking all serious and not teary-eyed but if you look closely, I just bet you might see his bottom lip trembling a wee bit! :-)

I will be boarding the postal bus tomorrow, heading to the grand state of Wisconsin!
Wisconsin, Here I Come!!!!

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