Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meeting The Quack Family

Hello again Friends!

While Flora, the Tots and I were exploring, we came upon a little house! The Tots, being typical little children, rushed up to the windows to peek in. I was telling Lily Tot and Jesse Tot that it is bad manners to peek into someone's windows. As you can see, my admonitions fell onto deaf ears! Flora knew the Tots would not heed us and she just stood there very nonchalant while Daisy Tot peered into the window! Or maybe she is trying to "mold" herself to the house, in hopes that she won't be seen, just in case the tenants may be home! And from the sounds coming from the Tots, oh dear, the tenants ARE home! Oh Dear! Caught peeking in the windows!!

I walked around to the side of the house and there was a little door, with a door knocker on it. I thought it would be polite to knock, introduce ourselves and apologize for the Tots peeking into their windows.

Thankfully, it was a very friendly family of ducks who live in the little house! We met Mr. & Mrs. Quack and their little Quacks! They said that they have 6 little Quacks and quite understand the curiosity of children! They also had another visitor who had just arrived there a few days ago. She got lost and found the Quack family and they took her in until they could find her family. We told the Quacks that we would inquire and find out where the little girl, Amelia Thimble, lives.

Jesse Tot seems to be quite taken with little Amelia Thimble! Lily Tot is sticking close to me as she is not quite sure about ducks, especially talking ducks!

Daisy Tot sticks close to Miss Flora Hickory and is fascinated by the Quack family! She has never met talking ducks before!

After a pleasant chat, we said ta-ta to the Quack family and venture back towards home.

Miss Travel Hickory

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