Thursday, October 6, 2011

California-Second Stop-Desert

Dear Friends,

I've arrived in another place in my travels...still in California but this time in the desert! I was expected to arrive here on Monday and I did; but the mail vehicle had already been loaded and was out for delivery before I arrived at the post office. So I had to wait until mail delivery on Tuesday. I was very comfortable in my traveling box but admittedly was anxious to get out and meet my new hostess & family. My hostess says she already mentioned to you the difficulty she ran into with the mail lady and getting my travel box! Whew, I am so glad she was persistent or otherwise I would have had to wait another day! But all is well that ends well!!!

I was greeted with cries of joy from Flora Hickory and the Hickory Tots! Flora had prepared a lovely acorn pie for my arrival and we munched on that and had a nice cool drink. The Tots were full of questions and curiosity about where I came from, where I have been!
Flora told me it was perfect timing for my arrival as just the day before, the temperature outside was 100 degrees and on the day I arrived, the temp was in the 80's with a nice wind.
The household was enjoying not having to run the air conditioner and having doors and windows open for some fresh air! Flora and I feel like kindred souls and have hit it off tremendously!
We chattered away into the wee hours of the morning; we had so many things to share/talk about! Flora wanted to hear all about my adventures so far and all the places I've seen/visited. We did sleep in a bit this morning, too! My hostess says that is what vacations are for, to do things like sleeping/arising/eating, etc., at your leisure!
My hostess went out this morning to check the temperature on the back patio and lo & behold, there was a lovely rainbow! So she brought me out to share it with me! It truly is beautiful!

Although the sun is shining brightly, it is a bit cool this morning and I am thankful for my cozy shrug that Mz. Linda provided me with! We are also having VERY strong and cold winds today (Flora says she hears the lady of the house call them hurricane winds, they are so strong). I was so glad I didn't blow away while posing for my picture with the rainbow! Of course, my hostess helped me out by holding onto my legs, to keep me secure!! I am thankful for that!
There was a bit of a chill in the house, so Flora and I relaxed with some nice hot, green tea. It hit the spot on this cool morning! It never did warm up a lot; the outside temps stayed in the 50's-60's and there was some rain, too. I was glad to be in a nice warm house with some hot tea and good company! It was quite dark and dreary from the afternoon on so no pictures got taken. But rest assured, Flora and I have been having a lovely time together! And there was a new arrival here today! And this is a permanent resident, not a visitor like me. Flora and I were quite excited to watch her unveiling.....and such a tiny thing she is!!
More later!!!
Travel Miss Hickory

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