Thursday, September 1, 2011

In which I arrive in Tulsa

Dear Friends, You have all been so kind in asking after my welfare that I wanted to write and let you know I have safely arrived in Tulsa. There was a slight delay when the mailman tried to deliver me before Kathleen was home from work. I had to spend an extra night at the postal station. Kathleen's DH very kindly offered to collect me today (or as he put it-meet me at the stagecoach). I must say after the kind of attentions of Sheriff Wally and now a man of the cloth any doll might have her head turned. Hitty Isabelle and I greeted one another as only carve sisters could and I've brought greetings to the Hickory Tots from Cousin Ida. The tots can barely contain themselves with wanting to hear all the stories of Hetty's escapades. I think they admire her a bit, but prefer to experience her from afar. The tots have been so sweet and have prepared the hickory cabin for my guest quarters. I will keep this note short as I can hear their giggles now. I think they are waiting for a bedtime story. (I've decided it best not to tell any Hetty stories tonight. I don't want the little dears to have nightmares! Kathleen said she'll help me send some pictures this weekend. Until then, sleep tight! Warm hugs from Miss

Greetings from Tulsa

Dear Friends, Oh my, you should see how busy Hickory Emma and Shad have been preparing for my visit. They are such dears. Kathleen helped them take pictures of their hard work so they could so me. They are so proud to be playing host and hostess. They've been using the Hickory cabin as a play room and first on the agenda was to clear away the toys and games. The whole place had a good dusting and little Emma polished the lantern to a shine. Isn't it the coziest little guest room you've ever seen? I feel so at home here.

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