Thursday, August 25, 2011

Walks in the field with Hitty's, new clothes and fond farewells

With Hetty securely incarcerated the Hittys decide to take Miss Traveler on a walk in the field. While on their nature
trek they come upon some GIANT mushrooms!!! It is like a play ground for Hittys!!!

Look Miss Traveler...we could have picnic under here!! Or just hide from you know who. What fun we are having out here in the pasture.

Oh look!! MIss Traveler looks like the Cheshuire cat in the Alice books!! She even has a great smile.
hmmm, are these toad stools or mushrooms?? We need to go look this up.

Remember that Miss Traveler and the Hittys were selecting fabric to make a frock? Something to go with that
new orange poke bonnet. The Hittys (and their person) fashioned a new dress that goes nicely with the new bonnet.
Miss Traveler wanted her bonnet to be a bit fancy so Hitty Elise decorated the bonet with ribbon ruching . We think
she looks quite fetching in orange!

Miss Traveler sits down and tells the HIttys goodbye. They tell her how they have enjoyed her visit and wish she could stay even
longer. Miss Travler is very polite and does not tell them her nerves could not take much longer at this place!!!

Cousin Ida hugs Miss Traveler and thanks her for her patience with "you know who". They exchange a few kind wordswith one another.

Sherrif Wally and Ida visit one last time with Miss Traveler. Wall explains that Hetty will be saying goodbye and that by golly
it will be a VERY pleasant good bye!...or ELSE!

Sheriff Wally supervises the farewell . Does Hetty look repentent???

Nope I don't think so either!!!

With Ida looking on and Wally lurking in the background Hetty shakes Miss Travelers hand and wishes her a good journey.
She offers to give her some last minute tips on Chicken hunting but Ida steps in and squashes that!! Hetty also was admiring
new outfit and suggested that a nice orange scabbord to hold a good sized machete would be quite striking with it. you can see Hetty has NOT seen the errors of her ways.

Good bye MIss Traveler you will be missed by all the Hittys and Ida and......Wally!!!

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