Monday, August 1, 2011

North Carolina to Hello from Flintstone

Hi Everyone,
I was asked to let you know, that Miss HIckory will be leaving in the next 2
days to start her adventures, so if you haven't signed up and would like to,
there is still time.
She will be going to our List Mom's to be fitted for her first outfit. She will
then be with her until the beginning of her advetures with you all.
I am so happy to know that I was able to carve her for you all to enjoy and one
of you will get to have her live with you doll family forever.
I wanted to let you know also, she is right at 7 inches, but fits in good with
the Hitty's I have. I don't have alot of different Hittys, but own a Raikes and
she is a good match for her size.. A little taller, but I think you will find,
that she is a good size..
She is carved from a blank I cut, and is butternut wood. She was sealed with
tung oil.. So you have her basics.. Now the fun of playing.
I appreciate the chance to do with for each of you to get a chance to see her,
and like mentioned before, one of you will get her after her final visit.
I will give each hostess a number and then use the Random Number thingy to chose
where she goes.. Good Luck to each of you. I am sooo excited..
Hugs, Tina and Miss Hickory (Travel Doll)

Hi, I am here at Linda's hanging out till the hostess gifts arrive. I wanted to say hi but wanted to have a little on my body. Tina made this beautiful tatting bookmark for me to bring Miss Linda so she decided , Linda that, is decided to let me model it-isn't it beautiful?? I am anxiously awaiting my own clothes-they are a coming-I was measured and the bottom was put on me and it just fits-sooooooooooooooo you all get those thinking caps on-cause I am going to be put on the postal bus soon-Miss Linda is hoping by monday if not before-so tootles-and oh yes Hitty Hetty I am soooooooooooo anxiously awaiting my visit there your reputation I have heard a lot about-yes..........................that is all I will say signing off, Miss Hickory

This will be the order Miss Hickory will travel in from Flintstone.

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