Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hetty , Miss Hickory and Wally?????

The Hittys and Miss Hickory admire the chickens...the new ones from Kathie are fitting right in

Miss Hickory gets very friendly with some chickens. Cousin Ida is coaching her on how to pet them
and make friends. Looks like it is going very well.

OH no, what is SHE up to now?? Is that a bow and arrow? Surely she is not looking for those little chickens??
Oh Hetty really is horrid!!!!

Run, girls RUN!!! See the arrows littering the ground??? Lucky for us Hetty is not a very good shot. But she is
sure trying. The Hittys gather the chickens and run for their lives. Cousin Ida is yelling at Hetty to stop!!! But
does Hetty pay any attention to her??? NOPE!!! Hetty is really truly horrid!!! Miss Traveling Hickory is
running for safety but she has an idea!! What could it be?? Will it help???

Miss Hickory has run for the Sheriff!! Sheriff Wally has responded and is going to put a stop to this foolishness!!!
Look how he is protecting our little traveler....she sure is standing close to the tall and handsome sheriff.

Sheriff Wally takes Hetty into custody after disarming her. Hmmm, our little traveler is sure staying close
to Wally. Could this be the start of something sweet??? Wally is the strong silent type but who knows....
the traveler is a cutie!!! Stay tuned!!!

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