Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hetty Starts

Hetty decides to show MH her beloved Big Game/ Raiders of the Lost Ark Safari costume. She is sure that MH will
be terribly impressed!! She even adds her favorite rifle!

Hetty persuades MH to join her on Crow for a little jaunt. What does Hetty have in mind??? Is MH Safe???? Does
MH look a bit nervous to you??!!

Crow learns that Hetty intends to hunt Bunnies while he flys over the hay field. Crow does not find this sporting
behavior and he dumps both Hetty and poor little Miss Hickory (who of course had no part in this evil plan and
was just along for a ride!). Crow leaves in a huff never to return!!

The Hittys hear the commotion and hurry out to see what has happened. They immediately tend Miss Hickory and
help her to her feet. She seems shakey and they are very gentle with her. (please note that Hetty is left lying in a
heap....which is just what she deserves!).

The Hittys welcome MH into their little shelf home. They make her comfy in the big chair and offer
tea and cake. She is safe for now.....but what will tomorrow bring??!!! Hetty is down but not out!

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