Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another fun day at Home

Septembe 26, 2011
Another Fun Day at Home

Early this morning Hitty Grace and her friend Yvonne invited me to join them on an outing to Castle Lake. “We are going fishing”, they excitedly told me. Oh boy, what fun that will be.

We spent the morning on the edge of the lake getting acquainted.

Hitty Grace mentioned that she had been a travel doll when she was younger. She thought that my visits to homes across the USA were really special. Yvonne said that she had been to Oregon where her twin sister lives and on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest

Otis, a member of the Sherman Oaks Boys' Club, canoed over to where we were sitting. “Want to go for a canoe ride?” he asked. We thanked him, but declined.

Later on in the afternoon, Hittys Grace and Kate thought a game of croquet would be fun. Kate started to set up the game, but couldn't find the instructions. We had fun anyway. Grace and I practiced hitting the balls with our mallets.

Today was a pleasant relaxing day.

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