Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miss Hickory arrives in California

Monday, September 19, 2011

A quick journey from Tulsa, Oklahoma, brought me to my third stop. It was nice to finally arrive in the cool hills of Sherman Oaks. Most of my travels have been in warm places and Sunday night was no exception. I spent the night at the Santa Clarita Post Office where it was 97 degrees.

Today I was greeted by Honeycrisp Hickory and welcomed into her cozy home. She offered me tea and some delicious sweets.

Honeycrisp was very happy to meet me as I am her first Hickory guest. She then explained that because her home is so small, I would be staying with the Hittys. They have graciously prepared a lovely room for me.

Honeycrisp, Hickory Teen AmyLou and Tot Maizy took me to meet the Hittys and promised that I would see them again soon.

Before wishing me a pleasant evening, Hitty Cheerful made sure I was comfortable in the guest room.

Many activities have been planned for me.

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