Friday, December 2, 2011

Dec. 2, 2011 Dear Diary,

This past day has been one full of pleasant things. It started with Hitty Tina and I trekking up to the attic.

There were scores of interesting objects vying for my attention; they all seemd to be bursting with a story of a time long ago. However, Hitty Tina decidedly pulled out a medium box for me and a large trunk for herself which she directed me to take downstairs.
Upon opening them, a vast array of Christmas decorations were presented. They all just about took my breath away.

Then the fun began. I hung the shiny wrath at the door and redecorated the fireplace mantle.

Hitty Tina and I took a short break to admire all the work being done down stairs.
I was very glad to have performed the tasks I did because I am rather feeble-kneed on ladders to hang up ceiling ornaments as Hitty Tina did. She also did a fantastic job of the staircase. I don’t think I could’ve done as well. We hiked ourselves upstairs to swap out an item in my room.
The finished look was marvelous to see. After a short siesta, I had to be on my way to Azure Hollow. The weather can be most unpredictable here. It was a sunny morning, but after I got up I noticed a good foot or so of snow! It definitely caught me off guard, but Hitty Tina arrived with a warm winter coat that fit beautifully. I was very grateful as we said our good-byes.
The snow plow hadn’t been through yet, so they bundled us both up and sent us on our merry way in a sleigh!
I was quite surprised with all the people who came to see me off. Everyone who had a warm coat was there, I think.
I certainly enjoyed a wonderful time and look forward to more fun at my next and last stop, Azure Hollow.
Signing off,
Miss Hickory
Lil’ Tot

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