Wednesday, December 7, 2011

agility trials---continued

Oh good, today the ground is solid and dry enough to continue with Shelby's trials. We got the gear ready and made a trip over to the dogpark!

Shelby seemed confident as ths walked through this. Deedee has been giving her treats at home for walking thorugh ANYTHING!

We laughed til we cried, with the look Shelby gave us when she saw alllll these hurdles lined up. Though she trembled and whimpered, Deedee coaxed her through. I must admit we all held our breath as she completed these. How proud of her we were!

Here Shelby meets the Lego newsreporter that is covering the event. We'd like to think she made a good impression on him.

She seems to think ramps are fun! Jumping off the other end is another matter, though...

This is the pause mat. We are not sure what it is for, but Shelby was asked to sit VERY still. She accommodated, as well as a Shelby dog can.

The weaving poles seem a bit tricky. There are lots of equipment pieces that make it easier to teach this, but the goal is speed and NOT knocking down the poles. Shelby took her time but did not get a very good speed.

Navigating oh so carefully, Shelby makes it out of the poles with no knock-overs, albeit in poor time. We clapped for her anyway!!

Last but not least, Shelby considers the hoop. Like a pro, she backs up, runs to it and flies like the wind. It was epecially nice seeing her ears flapping in the breeze she created. Good job, girl!

Shelby did not take first place, but took first place, puppy-division. She took it in stride and seemed to want a saltine cracker for her trouble. How we all cheered and hooted! Even the reserved Dr. Isabella hooted. She explained that since she was so close to Shelby, taking all the photos, she lost herself in the emotion of the moment. "Couldn't help myself," she chuckled as Shelby stole a forbidden lick on her face.

The perfect end to a perfect December day in Nappanee. Dr. Isabella takes a family photo at the dogpark, to include of course the now-famous Shelby the Wonderdog. Lil Tot and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.

A huge thank you to all who have hosted me over the past few months. I have seen new things and more importantly, made new and forever friends.
Now I am ready to go HOME.
Blessings to you all,
Miss Hickory and Lil Tot

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