Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Miss Hickory's Forever Home

Well, friends....I have things to show you. And to tell you.....First of all, I will now be known as Miss Tina Hickory. My traveling days are behind me now and I am settling into my new home. Remember when Miss Kathie wanted to share with you the reason for the name "Hometown Hittys" (She lost the picture until now)....That is because even tho she doesn't live there anymore, she still loves and remembers her hometown. She lived here in 1951 when this town gained it's fame (most likely the only fame, except for the original "uranium tunnel") for being -53 degrees BELOW zero. Her grandfather had to torch the oil tank to get it back to liquid form. It was so cold that everything seemed totally silent.

And more that you have been waiting for. Miss Tina Hickory with all her wonderful gifts from her traveling hosts. From acorn pie and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, pinny, coverlet, dress and bonnet, bowling game, cute new canisters and lamp, to a bowling set, birdhouse and even an old fashioned wringer washer!!! And I must not forget the nice hat and purse!! Everyone was soooo generous. Miss Hickory, Tiny Tot and the Hometwon Hittys thank you all.

And thanks again to Tina for providing us a fun time. Thanks to Linda too for initiating the project.

Miss Tina, TT and the Hometown Hittys

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