Sunday, November 27, 2011

Re: Miss Hickory's visit to Nappanee

Hello to all----I arrived safely in Nappanee, IN, on Wednesday, November 23, just in time for Thanksgiving. I was pretty tired from my travels.

The Hittys at Azure Estates were so happy to meet me. They did indeed make me feel welcome, and set me to work as soon as I felt rested.

I am staying with Deedee's dolls at present, and when this visit is done, I will stay with Mary Ann's dolls. What a nifty little set-up!

Here are a few pictures of what has been happening so far:

Lil Tot and I are being escorted up the stairs to where we will sleep.

Hitty Tina is the delegated hostess for my visit. We are being shown where we will sleep.

Hitty Tina gets aquainted with Lil Tot and myself. I am wearing a borrowed frock for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Hitty Tina assigns cooking chores for the day. She is very efficient!

Lady Annette and I work well together.

The turkey is coming along nicely. The aroma is overwhelming from this kitchen!

Lil Tot gets settled in. She is not as nervous about our visit as she was when traveling.

We gather to thank God for our blessings. Doll friends and doll food are two of them!

An Azure Estates tradition----Thanksgiving portrait of family and visitors

What a lovely meal we had as well as good fellowship. The weather was lovely. I am writing this on Sunday, November 27, and snow is expected by the end of the evening. We have had a lazy few days, which is just what I needed after my break-neck travels these past many weeks. I will write more as the week unfolds.....Keep warm and blessed!
Miss Hickory and Lil Tot
Nappanee, IN

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