Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miss Hickory - Baking and a Big Surprise

Today is my last day with Hitty Hannah and the Westview Hittys. I am saddened at the thought of leaving this lovely family of Hittys, but I know I will meet another group of adventurous Hittys at my next destination.

Everyone is busy preparing for something special. I'm sure it has to do with Thanksgiving.

Becassine has begun baking her delicious pies. The pumpkin and apple pies are cooling in the pie chest. I squealed with joy when she announced "Acorn Pies" were next on her list.

I think she made these pies with me in mind.

One of these yummy pies is going with me!

I decided to say my "good byes" tonight verses tomorrow morning. There are many Hittys to chat, hug and giggle with. Into the sitting room I went.
"SURPRISE!!!!," all the Hittys shouted in unison. It was a party and I was the guest of honor.

Boy, oh boy was I surprised.
There was PIZZA...

...and tasty treats from Becassine's kitchen.

We took lots of photos. I couldn't believe how well behaved the little ones were. They even stayed still long enough for this snap shot.

I met some of Hitty Hannah's neighbors, Hitty Grace, Hitty Phoebe...

...Hitty Amanda

...Hitty Elizabeth and Hitty Ann.

I will miss this Hitty bunch. Maybe we'll see each other again on another adventure.

"Hitty Hannah, thank you for welcoming me into your home."

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